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Many parents look for ADD alternatives in hopes of avoiding stimulant prescription drug medications. While that is always an excellent choice, sifting through the information to find the best alternative treatment protocol can get confusing.

While we don't claim to know everything, we are pretty darn good at finding up-to-date information about ADHD holistic measures. Each month we send out a newsletter that contains a feature article, parenting tips, healthy recipes to use in a diet for ADHD kids and adults alike.

ADHD Alternative Diets

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  • Skyrocket school performance
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Treating ADHD Naturally and the ADD Alternatives Newsletter

Best Foods to Feed the Brain

There are foods that naturally feed the brain and then there are foods that can actually harm brain function. Do you know which promote a healthy brain and which do not? If you are looking for ADD alternatives, you should. Here is a list of foods to help you select a healthy brain diet – a diet full of brain-friendly foods to improve concentration, boost your memory and even prevent brain aging, among other health benefits. Read Best Brain Food article.

Parent Tip: Seek and Ye Shall Find

What you give your attention to, you will attract more of. What you look for, you will find. Catch your kids being good and you will likely find more good behavior in the future.

A key element of positive parenting is to give attention to good behavior while paying less attention to negative behavior. That isn't always easy, especially when your ADHD child's negative behavior is so very noticeable and their "good" behavior is less obvious. Yet, these kids are the ones who need to be caught the most.

There is no better ADD alternative that behavior modification techniques. Make a point of seeking out good behavior every day. Soon you will find more of the behavior you like to see. The point to remember is that expected behavior is "good." You expect your child to put his toys away. When he does, make a point to recognize that behavior.

"Hey, thanks for picking up your toys."

Praise is a powerful reward for children and these simply, split-second exchanges "teach" your child how to get the goodies. So be generous when handing out the rewards for good behavior and catch your child being good as often as you can.

"You were nice to your sister a minute ago. She likes that."

"You are so focused on your Legos. And look how neat it's turning out."

"You put your shoes away. Cool!"

A hug, a smile, a touch on the shoulder or a wink of the eye work as effectively as words. These praise rewards will encourage good behavior far better than scoldings will.

ADD and ADHD Diet Recipe: Nutty Seed Snack

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Mix ingredients. Move the mixture to a large roasting pan with sides and mix everything together well. Bake for about 30 minutes while stirring occasionally. Keep in airtight container for cooling and storing. Cool & store in air tight container.

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