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Food allergies and ADHD do go hand in hand. At times, ADHD allergies and food allergies have some of the same symptoms. Therefore, ADHD kids and non-ADHD kids could have the same symptoms in terms of food allergies and ADHD. There are also ADHD treatments that are herbal medicines and it has been shown that it reduces allergies and improves your child’s behavioral performance.

Food Allergies, what are they and how do they differ from other allergies? Unlike when a child is allergic to bee sting, every time the bee stings him, he will have a reaction. Food allergies doesn’t work the same way. The symptoms are very hard to distinguish because a child has to eat something that he is allergic of. At times, his body might have a reaction. Other times, it doesn’t. Sometimes, when looking for natural ADHD treatments, you only have to look as close as your kitchen.


ADHD Alternative Diets

  • Sharpen the mind
  • Ease ADHD symptoms
  • Skyrocket school performance
  • Decrease hyperactivity
  •

Still, here’s a list of ADHD diet that can be of big help for ADHD kids. Everything on the list must be followed for two weeks then you have to bring them back on the ADHD diet:

  • NO DAIRY - It is the most important restriction for two weeks. Instead, give him rice milk or almond milk. These alternatives are most likely organic and not pasteurized and that’s what we are looking for. It still has enzymes and most likely digested better than pasteurized milk.

  • WATER - And lots of it. You need it to keep rehydrated and keep the stress away from your child. It also keeps him healthy.

  • NO YELLOW FOODS - Yellow corn and Yellow squash are on top of the list. Bananas may be white but never eat the yellow peel. Studies shows that 1 of a thousand of people has allergic problems with the stuff that makes these foods yellow. It may be pretty but you can’t.

  • NO JUNK FOODS - They are very high in sugar content and carbohydrates. And if these are eaten by your child together, we might have a bit of a mess. These two together makes a child hyperactive ad gets their brains all fuzzy and stuff. Don’t eat junk foods and your brain will be better.

  • NO FRUIT JUICES - Those powdered ones have a lot of sugar than you actually think. A glass of apple juice contains the sugar content of 8 apples! Can you imagine your child having a body full of sugar? For now, if you have got to have fruit juices, make sure to dilute it in half water.

  • CUT SUGAR INTAKE - It is better if you cut it down to zero but try not to go crazy. Sugar is just about everything this is. If you can restrict, cut it down by just 90% or sort.

  • ENOUGH OF THE CHOCOLATES - Not more than a bar a week. I know it is the favorite treat of every child but, containing 220 different chemicals a treat may not be great for your child’s body.

  • NO NUTRASWEET - Non-negotiable. Not just for 2 weeks but for the rest. It was never good for you nor for your brain. Period. Nutrasweet, out.

  • NO PROCESSED MEAT AND NO MSG - Only get canned goods that says “turkey and water” or the like. And also not just for two weeks. These meats have chemicals listed that aren’t likely good for the body. And if you can’t pronounce the chemicals, then don’t buy them.

  • FRIED FOODS CUT DOWN - This shiny food stuff has trans-fats, and these are different from good fatty acids, that’s a note. You can either have the good or bad but it has the same space in your brain. Cut the fried foods by 90%. Not just for two weeks.

Just eat the foods that are likely more natural. It does well for your brain and also makes your body healthy and junky free. Have these as your diet for two weeks (the others, longer) and you’ll be good to go. Many people find such dramatic results with diet that they tout it as an ADHD cure

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