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Storytelling Tips to Engage Your Young Audience

July 14th, 2010

As television, video games, and movies become more and more popular, story telling has become and much more rare among families. Not too long ago stories were only told through stories tellers, and not through the media and that way of telling tales cannot be replaced by things like television shows or magazines.

Telling stories with your child can be one way to bring back the time of story telling in your household. This can also become a fun way for your child to express your creativity and ideas. Here are six storytelling tips to make your storytelling time more alive;

1. Switch up an ending: Have your child pick one of their favorite stories and let them come up with their own ending to it. It could be from a make believe story or even a family story. They can use their humor or imagination to change the tale in the end for a surprise.

2. Start from scratch: after your child gets more use to the story telling ideas start with a completely made up story. You can develop it with them in three sections; beginning, middle and end. It will be fun for them to make up their own characters and plots. They can feel as if they created something all on their own.

3. Use your bodies: While you and your child go through the story use your hands, face and voice to add detail to the story. This will give the characters you make more reality and make it more fun too.

4. Dress up: pick out a famous story throughout history that has some kind of encouraging and helpful message to it. Then pick out characters and dress up like them. You can use props as well and turn you living room or bed room into a space where you and your children can act out the story together. This will really make the story come to life for them.

5. Predict the Future: Make up a story about the future for a change. You can pick out a problem or concern you and your child have and make it into a story. You can end it however you wish that thing will turn out.

6. Silly story telling: you and your child can both narrate the story together switching after each word. You can change your voices and make the telling of the story the funniest part.

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