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Kid Chores: Fix Messiness

July 26th, 2010

It is important to start teaching your child about kid chores and how to clean up after themselves. Even if your child is too young to clean up entirely on their own they can still do their part as much as they are capable of doing and slowly as they get older they can do more and more to help. Don’t just expect your child to catch on perfectly to this idea at first but teach them that it is a part of life that they will have to get use to doing from then on.

Show your child how to clean up in portions at a time. If you see your kid playing with one thing, leaving it and going for another take them back and show them to clean up that set of toys before they start playing with another. The earlier you show this to your child the better it will be for them in the long run and make them a much more organized person.

Make sure your child has the right supplies to complete the identified kid chores. Give them different size and colored boxes and cans. Make each box for certain things so they can have specific areas to put their different toys. When you are telling them what to clean, tell them exactly which toys to pick up instead of just telling them to clean. This will make the entire cleaning process much easier for them because they will know exactly what to clean up and where to put them.  

Also make sure that you keep all of your child’s play things and toys all in one area. Giving them their own area will make sure that there are no trails of toys all over your home.

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