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So, here’s where we start. Brain nutrition. What is it and why do we need to know? Well, nutrition affects the brain in many ways. The lack of certain vitamins and minerals can lead to a decrease in brain functioning and even some mental conditions. Therefore, filling the diet with the best brain foods available will go a long way in giving the brain what it needs to function.

These good brain foods gives the preferred amount and type of nutrients that help the brain cope with aging and memory losses. There are the usual brain foods consisting of fruits and vegetables. But these are not enough for the brain to function as well or better. For this, below is a list of the best brain foods that can help the brain repair damaged tissues and be of the same track again.


ADHD Alternative Diets

  • Sharpen the mind
  • Ease ADHD symptoms
  • Skyrocket school performance
  • Decrease hyperactivity
  •

Best Brain Foods:

  • Whole grain foods are a great stimulator to the brain because of its high percentage of folate. It also boosts your blood flow, bringing more oxygen to your brain that lets you think better. It also contains a certain vitamin that is important when it comes to brain nutrition, which is vitamin B6.
  • Nuts - these little crunchy treats are proven to enable you to think clearer and focus more. These are also positive mood enhancers that let you feel great and stress free the whole day. They are found in every single one of these nuts, from the most common to the most exotic ones! Each of these crunchy delights has vitamin E, in which, the higher level of this compound the less possibility of you forgetting your name when you become older.
  • Blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress and also reduces the risks of elderly memory diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It also contains ellagic acid that has been proven to prevent cell damage.
  • Green tea contains catechines, which helps the brain to relax and at the same time keeps you mentally alert. It also maintains a positive mood effect and fights many mental disorders. Green tea contains polyphenols which is a powerful antioxidant that gives a boost at the performance of the important signaling brain substance dopamine in brain circuits.
  • Dark chocolate - this wonderful, dark and sweet delight also comes with a package that helps the brain’s performance. Talk about sweetness! Antioxidants and several natural stimulants that are in these sweet ones increase the production of endorphins and also enhances your focus and concentration while its high flavanol content facilitates the blood supply to enhance cognitive skills.
  • Brain food supplements - There are an assortment available. While it is best to get your nourishment through diet, if that is not possible, supplements are the next best thing.

So why sit and watch yourself forget things slowly? Better yet, why not help yourself in the future by taking care of the present? With the right foods, healthy diet and lifestyle, you and your brain’s relationship may go a very long way of good memory.